Fashion photography

Fashion and modeling photography is our other specialties, and today we are glad to be able to serve you in Iran. This type of photography has a wide range. It could be from a beautiful personal portrait to a special advertising photograph of a professional model. The later one is usually taken place by cooperation of a professional team, including model, makeup artist, hairstylist, fashion designer and photo editor. The customer of the fashion photography can be an interested one who wants to have beautiful shoots of themselves or their beloved ones.

On the other hand, there is another type of customers who want their product be introduced due to fashion photography. In this case fashion photography is in favor of advertising. These type of advertising images designing to represent a product are generally taken in predetermined locations or in nature, and in collaboration with a professional model. The final destination of these type of photos are in social medias, like Instagram, or printing in magazine or exhibiting on billboards in the city.

Many factors are involved in achieving a good result. First of all, you need a professional team; a professional model who is familiar with the advertising industry expectations and be challenging in addition to their appearance. An expert makeup artist who is in harmony with the photographer’s method and also has a true understanding of light and color effect. Accurate use of lighting equipment is the other significant factor which requires knowledge and understanding of light and its characteristics.

After all, we face a new challenge which is somehow vital for fashion photography. What make a photo distinguish is happening in post-product section. In the retouching section, full corrections are made on the light and color of the image, then we go into the details, check them carefully and done by experts and through professional photo-editing software.

The UAE has a high potential for the fashion industry, especially in Iran, we see great competition among fashion and clothing designers. So, to succeed in this market, having a professional fashion photographer to introduce your work to the world is very effective.

Our activity in fashion photography in Iran includes:

  • Meeting and negotiating with fashion designers to create unique concepts for shooting their products
  • Coordination with the makeup artists
  • Finding the proper location which express the photography concept well
  • Using appropriate lighting equipment
  • Using professional photo editing software to create a distinguish result

How to become a fashion photographer

Fashion photography is not as easy as it sounds.

  1. First of all, you should learn basic photography skills; knowing how to set your camera and how to use it properly. Knowing lighting accessories and their functions.
  2. Another thing that is necessary to learn is how to work with models. To do practice, you could start with searching to find out some models in your region who are ready to be photographed. After gaining enough experience and collecting some good photos, you can call modeling agencies to ask for working there as a fashion photographer- you may do the job for free or get paid during the process.
  3. Next step is to find out which magazine or company is your searching and looking through their styles and trying to shoot as well as them, you will become ready to submit your photos to these magazines, and hopefully get the job.
  4. Try to keep in touch with people in the industry and build up your network; from fashion photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, magazines, to photo editors.
  5. Try to develop your own original style. When you start shooting, you might just try to copy other photographers’ style, but after a while you should find out your own way to express your original style. Studying legends’ works is really helpful but always be aware of the trap of copying.
  6. After achieving your style, it is time to collect proper accessories and equipment like some lenses (depending on your taste there are plenty of them out there), some lighting tools and accessories (it is time to work in studio or combine artificial light with the natural one).
  7. Keep shooting, it’s not an easy job but don’t give up. the experience is invaluable. A strong portfolio will guarantee your success in this competitive market.

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