Dental photographer in Iran

We are glad to train dental photography in Iran or perform dental photography projects of your patients in Tehran.

We have been working in the field of dental photography for many years. Over these years, we have provided many dentists with dental photography training to take photographs of their own patients, in addition to training, we have done many dental photography project. Despite the smartphone, cameras improvements, we still can not relate on them for dental photography, become dental photography is an advanced macro photography which includes many details. Therefore, smartphone do not meet our needs in dental photo, we need a professional camera with lighting equipment.

Due to the difficulty of working with cameras and photographic equipment, we decided to tech dental photography to dentists in Iran, so that they can take professional photos of their own patient. Dentist should be considered of the importance of dental photograph, not just for documentation purposes but also for many other purposes. First of all, it could be so useful to show patients the visualization of their oral condition and help them to understand the required treatment. On the other hand, we cannot deny we powerful impact of good photos in presenting dentist’s job in social media and marketing purposes.

We need specialized equipment to tack a dental photograph which be good enough to be presented on social media and pursue marketing goals.

In Iran, we need to present the quality of work, and details of the teeth with professional macro photography. So along with the knowledge of digital photography, we first step is to provide the right equipment for dental photography. In short it can be said that the necessary equipment for dental photography include cameras and macro lenses, lighting tools and a lot of practice. We are faced with many options when deciding on the necessary lighting equipment. It depends a lot on the purpose and subject of photography. But in general, we can say that in dental photography with three types of external flashes: ring flash, dual flashes and studio flashes. In the latter case, we need a pair of them equipped with suitable diffusers.

External ring flashes would be mounted in front of the lens. This lighting is suitable for intraoral photography. Ring flashes are the cheapest and easiest option for intraoral photography specially when shooting implants or surgery. However, ring flashes are not suited for shooting ceramic laminate because they are not able to separate the texture and effects well. Professional ceramists in Iran need to be able to showcase the subtleties and details of their work in the best possible way.

Our recommend option for lighting in cosmetic dental photography or taking photos of ceramics laminates is to use a pair to studio flashes or speedlights equipped with soft boxes. This set up is most suited for extraoral photography.

The other option is twin flashes. Twin flashes are among the lighting tools in dental photography that have both intraoral and extraoral applications. But their weakness, like ring flashes, is inability to provide details and effects of teeth.

Considering all the mention things, what makes a cosmetic dental photo distinguish is the beautiful and creative photography angles that help to showcase use subtleties and details.

There are several standard angles in orthodontic photography which have been agreed upon and it is expected that all of them will be observed.

Other necessary tools in dental photography include cheek retractor and intraoral mirrors. Cheek retractors are available in two forms and usually single or double ended. The retractors help to open the mouth well and expose the entire surface of teeth and gums.

Intraoral mirrors are invaluable when taking occlusal and buccal view images: in general, for difficult access area. These mirrors are available in different size and standard sets include buccal and occlusal mirrors. If you need dental photography training in Iran or you need your patients to be photographed, contact us. We do our best to meet your satisfaction. Please see our portfolio in dental photography.

Our activities in dental photography include:

  • Providing advice to dentists, cosmetic clinics and laboratories to equip their place for photographing their patients.
  • Teaching photographing to dentist, doctors and dental technicians.
  • Carrying out photography projects of dental patients, and dental laboratory cases.

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